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I totally forgot to put the last idea(with many others to come) in the last post so here is a random idea i thought would make a good book rather than a series.(I think..lol)

A Romantic Comedy

My fave. Boomerang

Quick Concept

Head character, Marcus Graham a hot-shot ad executive who is insatiable womanizer and male chauvinist, Meets new boss Jacqueline Broyer a female version of Mr. Graham and a true challenge.

Angela Lewis, The good girl; who works in the art department begins to work with Marcus and helps him get over his break up with the boss and they soon become close and fall in love.

A great, funny, love story that will stay with me for a lifetime.


My Version

Tyson Jackson, A hot-shot real estate guru who has spent a lot of time winning and dining women all over, untill he meets a woman to good for his own good.

  • BFF’S Tyler and Eddie
Joi Benson, a savvy medical professional  who meets Tyson through a friend, believes he is such a jerk and definitely not her cup of tea, untill they are forced together under unusual circumstances.
  • BFF”s Niesha and Tamela
I’m think of others things to go with this plot. so check back often for updates. Thats all my muse gave me for now..lol.



I wrote an overview of a couple of series ideas that i had in mind and am still all over on which one idea i should choose. Never the less all three are good in my opinion.

Title: Undecided

Plot lines/Story Goals(e.g. story of character’s life or a character married with kids)

Plot #1.

A thirteen year old female teen, who hits puberty and gains life experience much to early; which causes her to grow up quickly and harbor many regrets.

Goal: To establish herself and find a new way to survive before it’s too late.

  • A grandmother who wants her to be happier.
  • Three best friends; who have the same ambition as she does and who wants to get out of the hood as well and supports her in her journey.
  • An uncaring, and cynical mother who constantly downs her dreams and her self-esteem.
  • A sudden new friend; who family takes her in and show’s her what true love is.
  • She is violated
Plot #2
The Chronicle’s Of A New College
Goal: 4 random college students experiencing the pros and cons of adulthood and the trials of college.
Goal: To survive the 1st year of college
Student #1
  • Joins a sisterhood for support
  • Encounters trust issue with a new roommate
  • Finds out the true meaning of just another high school love.
  • fear of failing and disappointment from parents, so she buries herself in her school work leaving no room for fun
  • Is easily influenced by a found new click of friends
  • Experiences the realty of a frat party
Student #2
  • Finds his upcoming popularity too much for his own good
  • strongly influenced by his big brothers
  • Considers himself a ladies man, but is soon put in a position that could cause him his 4 years and maybe even jail time.
  • Struggles with the expectations of his over-bearing father; which has a lot to do with his behavior and attitude toward life.
Student #3
  • A pioneer to the university
  • Struggles to keep her floor in order, while trying to have a personal life outside the dorm/college
  • Experiences a Long-Distance problem and is soon faced with a choice.
  • believes in perfection
  • Strong mother like demeanour
  • encounters a nervous breakdown
Student #4
  • Joins a fraternity for the first time and encounters the pressure of being a brother
  • Becomes so caught up with all the parties, girls, and early morning rituals that his grades fall behind
  • Encounters the ups and downs of being a playa
  • Values life and is encouraged by s single mother; who reveals a scaring secret about his father.
Wow…I am amazed at myself and hope you can help me by leaving me feedback and tell me what you think. well…on to more thinking.

I want to share this message from Daily Bible Devotion: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11, NLT Do you worry about tomorrow? Remember that God has a beautiful plan for you. Simply do your best in the things that you know and lean on God for the worries that are out of your control. God may not give you your version of a perfect day tomorrow but have faith that He has bigger plans for you in due time. Get this Free Daily Bible Devotion App: http://bit.ly/pE4x0C

I have been thinking lately of how to set up my book  and have decided to write a series. I have many series books in my library and am overjoyed of the idea.


The plot is on!!!


Stay tuned to updates and i will post everything, including notes and rough draft.


Here Goes!!!

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